“The best and most efficient pharmacy is within your own system.”

Dr Robert C. Peale

I’m Chris, creator of Evolve Your Health. If you want to reclaim the joy of thriving as a natural, healthy human then this page is for you! It contains the most relevant information you need to get started by yourself.

But lets begin with the uncomfortable truth;

We live in an unnatural world that our mind-body-spirit have not evolved to live in.

The mismatch between our ancient physiology and our western lifestyle underlies many of the diseases of western civilisation from chronic pain to obesity to depression. Many unnatural social norms, from sedentary living to fake food to exposing ourselves to an overwhelming number of toxins, significantly contribute to these issues. All issues which were and are rare or absent in hunter-gatherer and non-westernised populations.

With this awareness, I invite you to be kind to yourself. We are often told that we have a problem. We have a mental health issue or we have an illness. The subliminal message is that it is all our fault. 

This may be true to some extent as we are all responsible for our own actions.

However, many of the problems we have are a natural response to living in an unnatural world.

It is never all just our fault. But we can’t blame the world for everything either.

So I also invite you to empower yourself, because the good news is that we can do something about it!

The tools we need are within all of us. We just need to unlock these gifts and reset ourselves to a state of natural health, so we can thrive, not just survive.

What is natural health?

Natural health is a self-care system which can restore our health by working with the innate natural healing powers of the human mind and body. It takes into consideration the mind-body-spirit to reset ourselves to our natural i.e. evolutionary and biological, thriving state. 

In practice this means things like inner work to reflect on our beliefs and values, nutrition and movement habits, sleep, exposure to toxins and other lifestyle factors. By looking at the whole, we can guide ourselves to a thriving state of natural health. 

Why natural health?

Our bodies are always trying to find natural balance.

The process is called homeostasis, where our bodies try to create the internal conditions ideal for life. Things like sleep cycles and fighting sickness.

However, all it’s ever going to do is respond to the signals that we give it.

Those signals are often unnatural and unhealthy in the modern world. 

Luckily we can cope with a fair amount of stress from unnatural signals. In isolation they are not much of a problem. Our bodies are very resilient at detoxing and repairing damage.

But over prolonged periods, it causes the serious health problems we now commonly see.

And if our lifestyle is completely out of natural balance, then it’s going to be a greater and greater challenge for our bodies to find balance.

The solution is to reset our mind-body-spirit to the natural state of balance it craves.

I realised this through my own story, where I went a long way to heal the symptoms of living in an insidiously unnatural world. By addressing them holistically I was able to use my mind and body to heal itself. 

How to start your natural health journey

Below are the three pillars which I believe hold the key to the health of our mind, body and soul. Each pillar impacts all of us differently and are all interdependent.

  1. Self Development. Change starts from within. You subconsciously have all the power within you to change and grow. By looking inward, you can reconnect with yourself and reclaim your energy.
  2. Training. Movement is medicine. With natural movement and fitness coaching tailored to your goals, you can build a strong and pain-free body for life.
  3. Environment. Even the most clean living among us are polluted by health damaging toxins found in everything from food to cleaning products. Build habits to minimise your exposure and protect yourself with natural solutions.

Below are the most popular and relevant articles on each pillar. They will help give you a starting point on your journey to natural health.

  1. Self development 

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  1. Training

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  1. Environment 

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Why sleep is the most effective way to reset your health

I hope the information here helps you on your journey to natural health. If you have any questions please email me at chris@eveolveyourhealthpersonaltraining.com and I promise I will get back to you. 

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