“We were made to move and connect with nature. Period. The less we do that, the more we disconnect ourselves from our true nature and our bodies, minds and the planet suffer.”

For most of human history, movement was necessary to survive and nature was sacred.

However, whilst the modern technological world has improved our lives in some ways, we somehow find ourselves more disconnected from our true nature than ever before.

This disconnection is an evolutionary mismatch…

But hiking offers a fantastic way to reconnect with how we’ve evolved to live. It’s one of the best activities for physical and mental health. 

However, it’s common for injuries, lack of fitness or confidence to hold you back from really enjoying your hiking adventures. Sore feet, achy knees, back pain, getting out of breath quickly and feeling unsure of how to prepare for a hike can take away the enjoyment. Moreover, the typical exercise class or gym routine doesn’t take into account the specific needs of a hiker.

That’s where Evolve Your Health comes in.

I have a singular mission to inspire and help hikers get strong and pain-free to conquer any adventure.

My programme is designed specifically for hikers and takes into account our modern sedentary lifestyles.

So when you finally decide the time has come to tackle that bucket list goal you have always dreamed about, I will be ready to provide the most comprehensive training and all the support you need. Hence, you can have the best chance possible of having a safe, enjoyable and ultimately successful adventure!

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