For most of human history, movement was necessary to survive and community, food and nature was sacred.

However, whilst the modern technological world has improved our lives in some ways, we somehow find ourselves more disconnected from our true nature than ever before.

This disconnection is an evolutionary mismatch…

Modern social norms disconnect us from our natural human needs

We commute to work by sitting down in a car or bus. When we get to work we sit down again and stare at screens for most of the day. We are so busy that we don’t have time to prepare healthy meals, so instead we grab something convenient and eat it as quickly as we can so we can go back to being busy. We feel tired at the end of the day and need to sit on a couch to relax and entertain ourselves by looking at another screen, or ‘connect’ with other people on social media.

Although this routine is seen as ‘normal’ does that really mean it is? Does it mean it’s natural or healthy?

The alarming statistics around mental health, loneliness, obesity and other health conditions strongly suggest that it is not natural or healthy.

And the solution from the health and fitness industry?

Superficiality, quick fixes and shaming. All that matters is a number on a scale, a number on a fitness tracker, what supplement is best, what gym workout is best to look like a photoshopped model on the front of a magazine.

We have so many advancements in medical technology, yet our health is declining!

And if you make the unhealthy choice, you are shamed into thinking that it’s your fault for doing so.

But the reality is that being healthy in today’s society is like trying to climb Everest in a snowstorm. 

Overwhelming work, financial and social pressures mean that it’s a natural response to give in to the conveniences that society offers from fast food to mindless entertainment. 

It’s nothing to be ashamed of because our brain is wired to choose comfort and convenience. 

But the solution is not in a radical refusal of modern comforts and conveniences and a return to the caveman days.

Movement, nutritious food and nature has always been and will always be a biological necessity.

Simply by making some small, simple lifestyle changes you can find balance to meet these forgotten human needs in the modern world.

Things like removing the screen for 5 minutes to reconnect with yourself. 

Moving little and often for more energy. 

Eating a few more whole foods grown from the earth.

Valuing your time by having priorities.

Because when we focus on a holistic view of health and fitness by improving ourselves from the inside out, rather than the outside in, we truly empower ourselves to maximise our energy to thrive and live like a human again.

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