On the one hand we have never had it better: technology, information and materialism has improved the comfort and convenience in life.

Yet on the other hand, we find ourselves more disconnected from our true nature than ever before.

Our ancestors and past generations undoubtedly had their own problems, but they were not subjected to the constant barrage of toxins, chemicals, radiation, junk food, fear propaganda and mind control that we are in the modern world.

Moreover, movement and exercise is now considered optional. The brain is made for movement, we have arms and legs and are literally designed to move. Yet we have been conditioned to think that sitting in a chair all day is ‘normal’.

The human mind and body has an incredible ability to cope and heal itself, yet it can only deal with so much.

This evolutionary mismatch between our ancient physiology and our modern lifestyle underlies many of the diseases of western civilisation from chronic pain to fatigue to depression.

The philosophy of Evolve Your Health is to work with the innate healing powers of the human mind and body to revive us to our natural i.e. evolutionary and biological, state.

We are still physiologically adapted to move and be in the natural environment we’ve spent the majority of our time in as a species. We know this because we feel better after a walk in the woods, than after sitting in front of a screen all day.

It doesn’t mean we have to live like a caveman and forego all modern pleasures!

It means making some minor tweaks. Minor tweaks that can have a profound impact on your health and how you feel.

In practice this means things like moving better, eating more natural foods, reducing your exposure to toxins and other lifestyle factors


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