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Two Options: In-person or Online

I offer both online health & fitness coaching and in person coaching if you are local to Edinburgh.


Contact me directly to enquire about in person coaching in Edinburgh.


Online health and fitness coaching can be utilised by anyone anywhere in the world and offers you the best support and guidance. With online coaching, you get what you need, when you need it – without limitations on facilities, scheduling and other barriers. Coaching is delivered via an easy to use online portal that can be accessed via your phone, tablet or computer.

The healthy hiker programme is designed to get you strong and healthy whilst giving you the skills to prepare for and enjoy the mountains. The programme lasts for 12 weeks and range from an investment of £150 – £200 per month depending on how much primary support you would like. If you’re not sure how much support you need, don’t worry. Go ahead and click “Apply Now” and fill out the application. We’ll have an opportunity to talk and see what will make the most sense for your situation.

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