Can you get up and down from the floor easily? Can you move your body without restriction? Can you play your favourite sport without getting injured? Can you walk up the street and carry shopping home without gasping for breath?

If we can’t do things like this, then we are not really free.

Natural movement fitness practices a wide range of movements that we humans have evolved to do since birth, including; ground movement such as sitting transitions, crawling, rocking and rolling, get ups, jumping, lifting, carrying and climbing.

Natural movement fitness is fun! There is an emphasis on relearning how to enjoy moving our body, rather than just treating it as a chore or punishment to burn calories.

It doesn’t matter your current level of fitness – whether you can’t sit up out of a chair or are fearful of moving due to aches and pains- we will start where you are at. Because you don’t have to be fit to move, you have to move to be fit.

Using a combination of body weight movements, strength training and mobility we will build your physical competence so that you can live life with your body being an asset, not a hindrance.

I don’t offer single sessions for a variety of reasons and experience has shown that those who make a longer commitment get much better results.

Your journey to physical freedom starts with a minimum block of 4 sessions; the investment is £240. This includes check-in support and personalised homework outside of our sessions.

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