My story

Having grown up in the country, I was lucky enough to have a childhood full of playing and moving outside in nature with friends.

I also grew up surrounded by farms and the belief that eating lots of animal products was normal and good for my health.

As a nature lover, I pursued work with a positive impact on the environment.

However, I quickly became disillusioned with the politics and exhausted from having to sit down and look at screens all day.

I felt trapped.

Then I started becoming much more aware of the cruelty of factory farming and that animal agriculture significantly contributed to the decline of the natural world.

However, I was still uncertain and reluctant about making the transition towards plant-based eating. Especially as I was a very active person and believed that I needed lots of animal protein to recover.

It completely went against my upbringing and I believed that a high protein animal based diet was the healthiest.

But I was lucky in the fact that life experience had taught me to be open minded enough to explore the potential that I might be wrong.

So I started learning how to eat on a whole food plant based diet and never looked back.

Now I embrace it and eat delicious meals that leave me feeling satiated and full of energy. I recover from workouts much quicker and I never have to worry about my weight or health no matter how much I eat. It is almost impossible to be overweight when you mostly eat whole plant based foods!

Armed with this knowledge and experience I felt like I found my purpose combining my two greatest passions: health and nature. So I got my personal trainer and plant based nutrition qualifications and now I want to help you achieve the same transformation with an active, plant based lifestyle!


Level 3 Personal Trainer (REPS certified)

Plant Based Nutritionist (Complementary Medical Association certified)

MovNat Certified Trainer

Rabble Games Instructor

MA Leadership for Sustainable Development

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