On the outside I seemed like I was healthy; well educated, professional job trying to protect the natural world and also a very active exerciser who was physically healthy.

However, an inner voice was telling me that something was wrong. 

A busy, stressful sedentary job coupled with being robbed at knife point, heartbreak, emotional abuse and an unnerving feeling like I didn’t belong sucked the energy and life out of me.

I tried to bury this pain with external distractions. But the pain always seemed to linger causing low self esteem and a deep sense of shame.

I was healthy on the outside by modern society’s expectations, but dying on the inside.

So I started reconnecting with myself and nature. Meditation and journalling allowed me to better express my emotions and become more self aware. 

This increased my awareness of limiting beliefs such as not believing in myself and how modern society doesn’t facilitate a healthy lifestyle.

But this also gave meaning to my life and I felt empowered to find a better way.

Because when you go through pain, especially emotional pain, you only have 2 options – it either destroys you or you turn that pain into power. The truth is that there will be little charity or compassion. You either overcome your wounds, or you suffer.

Life had challenged me and forced me to evolve. 

So I worked on improving my mental habits and reconnecting with nature through simple lifestyle changes. This transformed my energy and purpose.

I believe true health is much more than a gym session, a number on a scale or a photoshopped photo to post on social media. 

It’s nurturing all the things that make you a complete human. Mind, emotion, body and spirit.

I’m not perfect. I drink beer, eat chocolate and don’t believe in myself sometimes… but I live and breathe a holistic approach to health where being consistent most of the time is what counts, not being perfect.

Now it’s my purpose to empower you to maximise your energy to thrive and live like a human again so that you can live the life you deserve.

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