My story

Having grown up in the country, I was lucky enough to have a childhood full of playing and moving outside in nature with friends.

When I became an adult, this all changed.

I really, really struggled to fit in with society’s expectations.

I felt like I had to summon all of my energy just to try and get through each day functioning like a ‘normal’ human being sitting down all day staring at screens.

The pressures of a stressful job made me feel like I had no meaning in life, no time and no energy to exercise or look after myself.

I felt trapped. I had to escape.

So I quit my job and without much money and went backpacking.

Travelling in poor countries taught me that people can thrive and live healthy lives by focusing on the simple things in life. You know, the things that really matter. Good quality sleep, eating more whole plant foods, connecting with others, spending time in nature, having a purpose and moving our body.

Now I have a healthy balance between the comfort advantages of the modern world whilst having the habits in place to nurture the things that really matter.

The problem is that it can be difficult to nurture these basics in a world full of information overload and busy expectation. 

So it’s my purpose to empower you to build simple, holistic habits that enhance your life, not get in the way of it.


Level 3 Personal Trainer (REPS certified)

Plant Based Nutritionist (Complementary Medical Association certified)

MovNat Certified Trainer

Rabble Games Instructor

MA Leadership for Sustainable Development

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