Hi, I’m Chris. A natural health coach and writer, but most of all a human being just like you, trying to get in a world rapidly losing its understanding of what it means to be human.

Growing up in the Devon countryside, I was lucky enough to have a childhood full of playing and moving outside in nature.

As a nature lover, I pursued work trying to protect the natural world.

However, I quickly realised that it was mostly all greenwash and smoke and mirrors. Political correctness, power, money and whatever so called ‘authorities’ decided was the right thing to do trumped any kind of morality or love for nature.

As a challenger personality type, sitting down at an office desk gaping at a screen for over 8 hours a day, sitting next to co-workers that resent you and a manager that treats putting you down like a sport, was just not an option for me. 

This realisation combined with emotionally painful life experiences left me lost and disillusioned.

But it also forced me into a space where I started asking some deeper questions like who am I, what am I doing here and what is the truth about our world.

During this time, a homeless man I spoke to travelling said the most important thing in life is to trust yourself. 

And I don’t think I’ve ever received better advice. We’ve always had authorities telling us what to do and what to believe, but we all have our intuition and that is our true self speaking to us.

This led me down a path of truth seeking and what could be described as some kind of spiritual awakening over the last several years.

It became obvious to me that we live in an abnormal, unnatural and unhealthy world.

As health and nature are my top values in life, my vocation is to help others live a naturally healthy life.

Because in this abnormal world, we have an ongoing war against nature by exploiting it and look at health as going on a diet and being prescribed a pharmaceutical drug from a doctor.

This is not true health.

Health and fitness credentials

Level 3 Personal Trainer (REPS certified)

MovNat Natural Movement Level 1 Coach

Holistic Nutritionist (Complementary Medical Association certified)

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