Having grown up in the Devon countryside, I was lucky enough to have a childhood full of moving outside in nature and hiking.

As a nature lover, I pursued work trying to protect the natural world implementing environmental policy and performing environmental assessments in the built environment.

However, I quickly realised that the work I was doing was not really helping the natural world. It was all a smokescreen and nothing more than a theoretical tick boxing exercise that bore no correlation to what actually happened in practice. Political correctness trumped any kind of ethics. Moreover, many of the policies being implemented had a negative effect on human health from poor air quality in homes to technology and smart grid meters that would increase energy bills and fuel poverty.

I knew that as a challenger personality type who was conscious of how backwards the world is, working long hours in a stressful sedentary job being a cog in a broken machine was impossible for me. This combined with some painful life experiences such as being robbed at knife point and emotional abuse left me burnt out and disillusioned.

So I took a step back and started taking responsibility for myself. I reflected on what my values are and what is most important.

During this time, a poor man I spoke to travelling said the most important thing in life is to trust yourself.

And I don’t think I’ve ever had better advice. We’ve always had celebrities and authorities telling us what to do and what to believe, but we all have our intuition and we need to follow it.

So I went back to my childhood and spent more time outside in nature and taking care of myself. Nature and health are my biggest values and my intuition tells me that it is my vocation to help others live a healthy life.

Because in this world, we have an ongoing war with nature and look at health as getting a pharmaceutical drug from a doctor.

Evolve Your Health seeks to change this and is focused on reclaiming your health so that you can thrive.


Level 3 Personal Trainer (REPS certified)

MovNat Natural Movement Level 1 Coach

Holistic Nutritionist (Complementary Medical Association certified)

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