I was lucky to be born and raised in the lush countryside of Devon, England. 

I was pressured to pursue the ‘conventional’ path of going to university, getting a professional job and climbing the career ladder.

Working in construction and sustainability opened my eyes to a soulless world of greenwash, where money and politics trumped all regard for nature and health. Moreover, narcissistic bullying and many sedentary hours staring at a screen left me with a heavy sense of fatigue and burn out.

Nature is the best healer.

So I quit the well paid corporate job (where I never really fitted in) and followed my innate calling to study and work in health and fitness.

As a health nerd I’ve spent many thousands of hours (and pounds) learning about the human condition and how the body works, such as natural movement, trauma and the nervous system, nutrition, environmental toxins and psychology.

But much of my skills and knowledge is grounded in my own lived experience and challenges, such as; A spiritual awakening; Low energy and burn out; Exercising too much in a state of stress leading to injury; Negative core beliefs about myself; Self-sabotage as well as isolation from a heavy sense that I don’t matter, I’m alone and unlovable.

This lived experience made me confront my challenges and pursue the path of inner work and growth. Intuition became stronger and I started to see through the lies and illusions of society. 

At the root of this is our disconnection with nature. I feel a deep connection to nature and sense that we are nature and nature is a part of us. Yet we live a way of life that is against nature, our biology and how we have evolved to live. 

What I’ve now learnt is that many of the challenges I had were natural responses to an unnatural world. 

They were just symptoms of something much deeper. 

Now my purpose and passion is to use this experience to serve you.

I believe that being in good health is our natural state and everyone deserves this. I’m here to guide and support other conscious beings with their health journey, so they can live a fulfilling life.

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MovNat Certified Movement Coach

REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer

Holistic Nutritionist (Complementary Medical Association certified)

Environmental Health (Level 4 QLS Diploma)