How to protect yourself from the hidden risks of EMFs

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) arise whenever electrical energy is used. 

You would think in a risk averse culture, where safety is the ultimate value, that the equipment and technologies producing these EMFs would be incredibly safe. 

But my own experience of headaches and pains when using a mobile phone, plus the large body of evidence citing health concerns suggest that this is not the case.

A few of the main sources we are exposed to include;

  • Mobile phones give off radio frequency microwave radiation.This radiation can (and does) penetrate your body, your tissues, your organs, your cells.
  • Wi-Fi routers fill your home with radio frequency microwave radiation like your phone. The issue with wi-fi is that it is usually on all the time and so we are exposed constantly.
  • Smart meters typically use radio frequency microwave radiation to transmit your data which is even more exposure. Wireless meters are particularly bad. Energy companies love smart meters because it saves them money and allows them to monitor and potentially control your energy usage. It allows them to spy on your every move, knowing exactly what appliances you use and when. As Dr Samuel Milham puts it after authoring over 100 peer reviewed scientific publications, smart meters are a public health hazard. But of course they still sell it to us as though it is all being done for our benefit.

Health effects of EMFs

Studies have linked EMFs to a multitude of symptoms and health concerns.

One study noted symptoms to include widespread neurological issues from sleep disturbance/insomnia, headache, depression, fatigue/tiredness, brain fog and poor memory, dizziness, irritability, restlessness/anxiety and nausea.

An international team of researchers concluded that cell phone radiation does cause brain tumors. For that reason, they recommended that RF-EMF radiation be reclassified from “possibly carcinogenic” to “probably carcinogenic”.

Other studies state exposure to EMFs was associated with significantly lower sperm motility and fertility issues in men and women.

Studies show that EMFs damage our mitochondria (the little power houses in our cells that produce energy), via an increase in oxidative stress. It’s hard to put into words just how important our mitochondria are to be in a healthy state. EMFs increase calcium levels inside your mitochondria, leading to a lowered ability to generate energy through Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). 

Why are these technologies promoted as safe?

Remarkably, when phones were first introduced in 1980s America they were exempted from safety testing! It’s almost like they knew they weren’t safe even then and yet had the power to lobby the government who exempted them from safety testing without a care.

The Telecoms industry is one of the most powerful in the world. It stands to lose a lot of money and power if the public are aware of the health risks. So it has a vested interest to keep it quiet. 

Hence, few of us are aware of the health effects. It’s only those of us who are electrically sensitive, take time to investigate or are aware of the insidious world we live in, that know about them.

It might sound overly cynical, but the evidence speaks for itself and is also based on personal experience where I have seen the power that corporate lobbying has over the government regulatory authorities.

The issue now is that we have technologies that have undergone no pre-market safety testing, which have countless studies showing their adverse health effects, and yet they are literally taking over the world!       

The key to protect yourself from EMFs

The key to protecting yourself is awareness of your exposures first of all. It’s important to say that EMFs are invisible. We can’t physically see them but they are also everywhere as they can permeate almost everything from metals to brick to wood.

Hence we need to be very aware of how we expose ourselves on an individual level. A few questions you could reflect on;

Is your phone close to you for most of the day? Are you constantly using it and holding it close to your ear? Do you have it next to you at night?

Do you use a computer for more than 5 hours a day? Is wireless installed and do you sit close to the router and leave it on all the time? Can you detect your neighbours wireless on your devices?

Is your home close to power lines or a phone tower? Do you have a smart meter installed?

If you are answering yes to many of these questions then your exposure could be very high.

With this awareness, we can practice avoidance and protection such as;

  • Keeping your mobile phone away from you when we are not using it. Put it in another room, turn it off or put it on airplane mode if you want to leave it on. Try not to put the phone up to your ear and use loudspeaker instead
  • Turn your wi-fi off at night and when not using it. Don’t have your router within 2 metres of where you often sit if possible or have it in a room you don’t use often
  • Don’t use computers so much and take regular breaks/keep your distance if you do
  • Don’t install smart meters, especially wireless smart meters

Naturally nourish yourself

  • Earthing – otherwise known as grounding, is the act of reconnecting with the Earth’s natural electrical current. Unfortunately, modern living has mostly isolated us from our electrical connection with the Earth. Everyone has the opportunity to reconnect by simply walking barefoot on the Earth outside, ideally on a beach or in nature. Swimming in the ocean is also great. Making direct skin contact with the Earth’s surface provides the body with an essential source of natural antioxidants called free electrons.
  • Quality sleep – quality sleep is your most powerful (and free) health boost. Having a sleep schedule, relaxing without screens before bed and exposing your eyes to natural ight in the morning all help to get good quality sleep.
  • Natural home – Bring nature into your home! You could get some pebbles at home for your feet and some plants that are good for air quality like aloe vera or spider plant. Also using natural furnishings like wood floors are great.

Make EMF protection a priority

Many of us have a poor understanding of what we need to do to safeguard our health. What sense does it make being careful about what you eat and exercising if you are exposed to EMFs and toxins 24/7? 

The good news is that there is a lot we can do to protect ourselves that is within our control.

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