How to connect to our internal internet: intuition

Gut feelings, hunches and a sixth sense all relate to a natural capacity we all have known as intuition.

In Latin, intuition simply means to ‘look within’.

It’s our innate in-tuition for tutoring ourselves.

The benefits of using our intuition

In today’s mainstream technological, science and data driven world, many of us would be forgiven for thinking that relying on our own hunch sounds a bit hippie woo woo.

If a scientific study hasn’t been done on it, then a clever play on words can make it seem like it can’t be true. Everything has to be backed up with science. But only politically correct science is allowed!

But I digress…

Even mainstream science has now shown that intuition is a superpower and one of the highest forms of intelligence.

Within your subconscious lies infinite wisdom, infinite power, and infinite supply of all that is necessary, which is waiting for development and expression. 

Joseph Murphy – The Power of Your Unconscious Mind

In short, all living beings have a built in mechanism to instinctively know what to do. 

An amazingly powerful natural tool that is available to us should we choose to use it.

A few real world benefits of being intuitive include;

  • Ability to sense when someone is lying. This is more important than ever now in a world of deception.
  • Helps in challenging or even dangerous situations. For example, we can sometimes sense an atmosphere in a place or around a person that can just be off. Intuition can help us sense this before it’s too late.
  • Helps live true to ourselves. Often we feel lost and confused and don’t know what to do. Our intuition is our true self speaking from the heart. It can help guide us.

Yet, it’s clear that we humans are in decline when it comes to using our intuition. 

How our intuition has declined

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else, is the greatest accomplishment.” 

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Animals eat and live based on intuition. They don’t need to ask their mothers or owners what to eat!

Children act out of intuition. They instinctively know how to move – perfectly squatting, crawling and jumping in wet muddy puddles without any coaching. 

They instinctively act out of curiosity.

But what do children often get told when acting out of instinct?  Don’t do this, don’t do that, you must do this and behave this way etc etc. You’re a bad child for not sitting down and behaving!

And a bit of this might be necessary in the context of real dangers such as crossing the road.

But children and therefore humans also get conditioned out of following our instincts. Following our intuition is bad if it doesn’t suit what’s socially ‘normal’.

As we grow up, the more we are told to repress our innate instinct and curiosity in favour of following what’s considered socially ‘normal’.

The people doing the conditioning aren’t bad people. They were taught the same and so are doing what was conditioned into them.

But as children, we are not conscious of this. We just have a deep desire to be loved and accepted. 

But whenever we are told off for simply following our instincts, we perceive it as though something is WRONG with us. We are doing what comes naturally to us, but it’s viewed as negative behaviour if it is not aligned to what our parents, other people or society expect.

This can lead to developing beliefs that can contribute to low self-esteem and a negative self-image.

But it also means we live a lie. Just teaching us to put on a mask and live a life that is not really true to who we are.

But many of us conform to putting on this mask in order to fulfil our deep desire to be loved and accepted.

Society insidiously disconnects us off from our intuition

In an age of information overload, noise and distractions, technology and busyness, the social norm is to be disconnected with our intuition. We outsource our innate power in favour of external influences. We always search for the answer on the internet or with a so-called ‘expert’ without ever listening to our intuition. 

But trying to rely on mainstream society for answers is like trying to quench your thirst with seawater.

It promises to offer the answer to our problems. But somehow we always seem to stay feeling empty and adrift in life…

There is also a big connection between our brain and our gut. Gut health is essential for good health. Yet, most of the food available for us to eat does not support good gut health.

In addition, the pineal gland, often referred to as the seat of the soul, is key for our intuition. It is the most sensitive part of our nervous system. Yet, the toxins in our environment from fluoride to heavy metals to radiation, disconnect us from this natural gift.

So it seems the world we live in insidiously disconnects us from our intuition. But it’s insidious because it’s a slow process and we don’t even realise it’s happening!

Maybe I am being overly cynical. But this is what my research and intuition suggest.

I’ll let you decide for yourself using your intuition 🙂 

Intuition vs Fear

Intuition can often be mistaken for fear. It’s helpful to be aware of the subtle differences;


  • Feels heavy and dark
  • Emotionally-charged
  • Makes you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, confused or anxious
  • Causes you to ruminate and get lost in cycles of thought


  • Feels light
  • Unemotional
  • Makes you feel calm, inspired, and a sense of resolution
  • Spontaneously arises and feels “right” without rational thought

How to reawaken our intuition

I have only realised the power of intuition after going through some type of a spiritual awakening journey myself. Not following my intuition out of fear or others expectations has caused great suffering. 

I’ve now learnt it is our true self speaking. So many times my intuition has spoken to me and it’s been correct time and time again.

How do you reawaken and/or start using your intuition? I can only share the five keys that have started to work for me;

  1. Live a more conscious (aware) life. Attune to your senses by trying to be aware of sounds, sights and smells. Bring awareness to the present moment. Maybe try some journaling or writing. This will help become more self aware and start trusting yourself.
  2. Relax your mind. Hard to allow intuition to speak to you when stressed! When we are stressed our conscious mind full of negative beliefs and external influences dominate decisions. We can relax our mind with breathwork, relaxing music or being still in nature. Any activity that relaxes you. This will open up space for your true self to speak to you.
  3. Write down your thoughts on paper. What’s the first thing that comes to you when making a decision? Does it feel like fear or your true self? Don’t think. Just write. Thinking allows our beliefs and external influences to taint our intuition. Write before thinking.
  4. Ask yourself for help. Don’t put pressure on yourself to solve it straight away. This is not an analytical problem to be solved. Sleep on it or come back later. Asking yourself for guidance on an issue before going to sleep might help.
  5. Live a less toxic lifestyle. A natural way of life will help limit exposure to endocrine disruptors, protect the pineal gland, our gut and improve our overall state of health from the inside out. A few key examples would be natural, whole pesticide and GMO free food, a water filter and fluoride free toothpaste, natural cleaning products, take breaks from wi-fi and screen radiation and go BPA or plastic free.

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