Our inalienable right to natural, healthy food: UK plans more GMO in our food

More plans are in place to make you sick without you knowing. This time they plan to add more GMO’s into our food supply.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA – covering England and Wales) and Food Standards Scotland (FSS) plan to recommend to Ministers that nine genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are approved for use across the UK food chain. 

All are engineered to poison insects, to withstand spraying with weed killers, or both.

The problem with GMO’s

The most common type of GM crop is designed to survive being heavily sprayed with glyphosate, the worlds most heavily used herbicide which has been shown to cause cancer. In addition, antibiotic resistance genes are often added to GM crops, just as the world is waking up to the threat of antibiotic resistant infections.

GM crops are patented so farmers are not in control. They cannot save seed and are locked into contracts with the multinational corporations that sell not just the seeds but also the weed killers they are designed to work alongside.

Most GM crops are designed to tolerate repeated spraying with a particular weed killer. Others produce toxins to poison insects. All the while biodiversity suffers and beneficial insects like lacewings, ladybirds and butterflies are harmed. 

The sick food system

A Western diet is characterised by highly processed and refined foods with high contents of sugars, salt, preservatives, sweeteners and trans fats. It is a major contributor to metabolic disturbances and the development of autoimmune and obesity related diseases, including type 2 diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. 

But it goes deeper than this. Many health related issues can be traced back to modern industrial farming methods.

For example, findings published in the journal ‘Translational Psychiatry’ provide strong evidence that gut bacteria can have a direct physical impact on the brain. Alterations in the composition of the gut microbiome have been implicated in a wide range of neurological and psychiatric conditions, including autism, chronic pain, depression and Parkinson’s Disease.

Environmental campaigner Rosemary Mason has highlighted concerns about glyphosate. She brings attention to concerning levels of glyphosate in cereals in the UK.

Based on an analysis of these cereals, Dr John Fagan, director of Health Research Laboratories, has concluded:

“The levels consumed in a single daily helping of these cereals… is sufficient to put the person’s glyphosate levels above the levels that cause fatty liver disease in rats (and likely in people).”

So the food we eat plays a major role in every aspect of our health and our lives, from promoting or reducing future disease to our gut health to our cognitive function. Yet, the insidious nature of our current food system is contributing to making us sick and is not fit for purpose.

The government solution

Consider that little is being done to address this food related public health crisis. Then consider that governments are planning to add more GMO to our food supply which means more toxins and sickness!

There is no logic to this approach. It’s like adding more water to a sinking ship.

The UK government is going out of its way to undermine our inalienable rights in order to ‘protect’ us. However, they are all too willing to not just ignore a severe health crisis caused by the chemical pollution from food, but also add to it with more GMO foods!

While the government continues to divide and conquer, it’s clear where the real irresponsibility lies; with them as the divider and for failing to deal with the corporations behind the health damaging food system.

The reality we are living in should be a comedy show or dystopian sci-fi film.

But it’s not. It’s reality.

The natural human solution

We have a right to eat natural, healthy food without the interference of corporations and government.

Many of our problems can be solved by simply retruning to our natural state: for food this means eating what you were naturally designed to eat. Primarily whole, single ingredient organic foods with lots of veggies and you are 99% there.

If buying organic is too expensive for you, just buy the dirty dozen and oat/cereal products organic and you will greatly reduce your exposure to pesticides and other nasties. 

Another trick is to wash your fruit and vegetables by soaking them in baking soda for 15 minutes. This has been shown to remove some of the pesticides.

Avoid buying processed foods as they are much more likely to be GMO.

You can also try only using local farmers markets, growing your own and learning to forage for food.

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