Large study shows exercise greatly lowers our covid risk

South Korean professors (with no known links to the pharmaceutical industry) have completed the first large-scale nationwide study on the effect of exercise on treating covid. 

Results showed that exercise greatly lowers the risk of someone’s risk of covid infection compared to someone who did not participate in physical activity. The professors concluded that;

Adults who engaged in the recommended levels of physical activity were associated with a decreased likelihood of covid infection, severe covid illness and covid related death. Our findings suggest that engaging in physical activity has substantial public health value and demonstrates potential benefits to combat covid.

As with all science, there are limitations to the study such as;

  • People reported their own exercise routines
  • If they regularly exercise anyway, they are more likely to engage in other healthy behaviours

However, it is a large scale study of hundreds of thousands of people and published in the British Medical Journal. It provides real evidence that exercise lowers the risk posed by covid.

Radio silence from the media

We already know that government policy has drastically lowered physical activity in the general population. Gyms forced to close, lockdowns (more like house arrest), public spaces cordoned off, restrictions on movement and the police enforcing all of this in the name of ‘public health and safety’. These ‘public health’ policies have ironically resulted in many people adopting an increasingly inactive and unhealthy lifestyle.

With this new large scale study, you would think the media would be highlighting it and the government promoting exercise in their policy to ‘fight’ covid. Especially given that they keep telling us that our health and safety is their number one concern…this should be front page news.

But what coverage has there been on this?

Diddly squat. What does that tell you?

Just a few questions that should be being asked…

Why don’t the government and the the BBC and other media promote movement and exercise as much as injections, anti-social distancing, lockdowns and mask wearing?

Why does the government continue with a lockdown policy in the name of ‘public health’, when there is clear evidence that this is making the public unhealthy? 

Why is it dogmatically stated that it doesn’t matter what you do for your health, everyone is equally vulnerable to covid and an injection is the only way out?

Why do the government keep saying they are ‘following the science’, yet blatantly ignore this science?

Move your body

Our bodies are literally designed to move. 

Moving as part of your daily routine or strength training or walking, it doesn’t matter what you do. 

You must just move your body.

Not only is it amazing for you on so many levels, it’s even scientifically proven to reduce your risk of covid!

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