The Natural Human: an endangered species?

Medical science is making such remarkable progress that soon none of us will be well.

Aldous Huxley

I’m just a human being trying to get by in a world very rapidly losing its understanding of what it means to be human.

When did natural become a taboo?

When did toxins and chemicals and radiation become the main course and natural shunned as a weird hippie woo woo side dish?

Immune systems are now just primitive things from the olden days that don’t work without modern science and pharmaceuticals.

Modern pharmaceuticals have improved health in some ways, but are we really that dehumanised already that most of us actually want total pharmaceutical control over our own body?

True health has been inverted

To be healthy now, is to be an outcast.

What brought about improved health of the populace years ago was improved sanitation, refrigeration, production of soap, water treatment, improved living standards and other infrastructure improvements to improve hygiene.

Not pharmaceuticals.

Not a single politician or mainstream media outlet has used the covid ‘pandemic’ as an opportunity to inspire people to live a truly healthy lifestyle.

Where is the promotion of healthy nutrition habits, sleep, movement, time in nature, reducing stress and alcohol etc?

Where is the talk of immune systems or the power of the mind?

We’re told that the natural world and the natural body are in grave danger. So where are the natural solutions?

Where is the emphasis on organic?

Where is the emphasis on sunlight and fresh air?

In this clown world you are now considered sick unless you take an emergency authorised pharmaceutical injection. You are demonised as an ‘anti vaxxer’ for the simple common sense of choosing not to trust the company with the biggest criminal history of medical fraud ever.

You can now sit around watching tv, eating mcdonalds all day and drink copious amounts of alcohol but if you take a pharmaceutical injection you are deemed ‘safe and healthy’ by the state. Yet if you exercise, grow your own food and eat well but don’t take pharmaceuticals you are deemed ‘sick, selfish and a danger to society!’.

How nonsensical is that?

Why, when I’m out shopping do I have to search through the ‘normal’ food covered in pesticides & toxins to find the ‘weird’ version that’s at least somewhat natural?

People spend thousands buying a nice car to drive but won’t spend a few pounds more on proper whole food so that their mind and body can thrive.

People look at me like I have 7.5 heads when I say I sprint up hills. It’s what our ancestors used to do not that long ago in order to hunt and survive! 

But now sitting down all day is the social norm, and sprinting and movement in general is socially abnormal.

We have radiation blasting smartphones, apps & everything else possible to do our thinking, seeing, listening and observing for us. This is leading to an ever increasing disconnection from our own minds, the human soul and what is natural if we were truly living the human experience.

Building our own prison

We’ve got to the point where it’s more socially acceptable to be unhealthy. 

Yet we wonder why more and more people have poor health and why it’s normal & expected for 50% of humans to get cancer now

All the while we don’t seem to realise that the more research cancer research does, the more cancer there is, as we continue to line their pockets with donations.

It’s a treatment service, not a cure.

They have no interest in finding or sharing cures because the reality is that a cured person is a customer lost.

Most people support the very powers and industries that perpetuate this, the same powers and industries that are hell bent on taking away our ability to thrive, leaving us to merely exist and survive in a state of dependency and compliance.

This is mass weakening of the human body, mind and spirit.

We always have a choice

I’m not afraid of dying, I’m afraid of living in today’s inhuman world.

But we have the power to stop if we stop building our own prisons.

All it takes is to become aware and stop conforming to the mainstream sickness.

They will carry on until it will all be technology and artificial intelligence.

We can become walking digital robot slaves, or we can get back in touch with who we really are, take back control of our health and thrive as natural humans.

What if the miracle that is your natural human body and the natural world were actually properly respected rather than exploited?

That would be the perfect foundation to natural health sovereignty; the most resilient and true strength imaginable.

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