Our future as inhuman digital slaves

Having studied and worked in sustainable development for years, I became conscious of deceptive ‘smoke and mirror’ agendas within sustainability policy and goals.

I love nature as much, if not more than anyone else. We are a part of nature, not separate from it. Without the life support systems nature provides for us, we cannot exist.

But in my experience, buzzwords, corporate spin, political correctness, vague and hollow language and greenwashing were more commonplace in the ‘sustainability sector’ than any real desire to protect nature.

The biggest greenwashing and corporate spin of all is the United Nations sustainable development goals or Agenda 2030; these are 17 goals that claim to transform the world for people and the planet by 2030. 

This should be the most important concern to every human alive today.

You might think sustainability sounds great, about recycling and creating clean energy and making the world more ‘fair’.

But this language is being used as a smokescreen. It’s Orwellian doublespeak and inversion of the truth.

What it really means is that those that have pillaged the world’s resources and biodiversity and exploited humans as wage slaves will have total control over everything. All land, water, plants, animals, food, energy, information and humans. 

It will end inequality by manufacturing uniform poverty and dependence on a new global governance system (except of course for those at the top of the pyramid who will control everything) 

What Agenda 30 means for humanity

This deceptive agenda is being accelerated under the guise of a global pandemic. The World Economic Forum is driving it through its great reset plan where they say you will own nothing and be happy about it. 

How will they implement their agenda?

  • Digital identity cards: ‘vaccine’ passports to usher in a ‘papers please’ fascist society
  • Mandatory vaccination: Mass mandatory vaccinations, pharmaceutical corporate control over your body
  • Digital monetary system:
    • Lockdowns to destroy the economy, cause inflation and reduce the wealth of the middle class.
    • Destroy self employed and SME businesses in order to require a financial ‘reset’ and implement a digital monetary system
    • Global centralised banks and a cashless society to monitor and control people’s access to money and their transactions
    • End inequality by manufacturing uniform poverty where everyone is dependent upon a universal basic income which will be subject to strict totalitarian rules where if you don’t comply, you won’t be allowed essential services like buying food
  • Control of food supply: discourage farming, control seeds and manufacture food shortages to usher in GMOs and artificial food with poor quality nutrition
  • Dehumanisation: forever social distancing, masks, lockdowns, forced isolation and testing of the healthy
  • Artificial intelligence: Transhumanism so humans become more like robots – the UK government state that’s the future
  • ‘Smart’ cities:
    • Facial recognition cameras and mass surveillance
    • Track and trace
    • 5G radiation
    • Smart grid and meters to restrict your energy usage
    • Controlled travel boundaries – no leaving the city unless allowed. Toll roads, enforce restrictions on travel and control movement of people
  • Global totalitarian police state to enforce their agenda
  • No national sovereignty or independence – global citizens slaves under the control of global leaders fascists
  • Education: training to obey, never to question. Indoctrination to ensure compliance
  • Social credit system: everything you do is only because they allow you to do it. Do as we say or get punished with limited access to food/water/energy etc (Already happening in China)
  • No private property or ownership
    • Land and house owned by the state
    • Strip ownership rights away – everything is rented
  • Applied psychology and brainwashing: Behavioural psychology to exploit people’s fear of death, ignorance, belief to obey authority and natural concern for others in order to get them to be obedient and comply
  • Collectivism over the individual
    • The wants of the claimed ‘collective’ trump individual rights
    • Collective “interests” dictated by governments & corporations through the media and applied psychology
    • Endless propaganda like “the common or greater good”, ‘don’t do it for yourself but for others’, ‘no one is safe until everybody is safe’ etc etc. This is exactly the type of propaganda Hitler used and is a clever spin on language disguised to remove all rights for the individual
    • Anyone who doesn’t comply will be outcasts. Censored, demonised, ridiculed and discriminated against. Sent to ‘quarantine camps’ i.e. concentration camps and prisons for the crime of ‘breathing’

Taking into account the propaganda and events in 2020, it appears the global population has been primed to adapt to this ‘new normal’.

The media, education and governments carry out their agenda in a fascist manner while masquerading as our saviours.

And unfortunately it seems most people are believing it without question or passively accepting it.

What can you do?

  • Awareness. It all starts with awareness and doing some investigation for yourself. In an age of information, ignorance is a choice.
  • Don’t cooperate. This can only happen with your cooperation. The absurdity is with their applied psychology they make people do it to themselves, exploiting their fear of death or natural concern for others along with the immoral belief that they have to do what authorities tell them to. Society turned into an insane asylum because many just follow orders. The SS were just following orders..
  • Self sufficiency. Depend on the system as little as possible. Get a water filter, learn to grow some of your own food, learn survival and first aid basics.

You have a choice now. Keep on living in denial and passively accept this inhuman world, or resist and go back to living in a human world.

Because they won’t stop until we own nothing and are happy about it.

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