Reject authority, trust yourself

From a young age, we are conditioned to trust and obey authorities; teachers, police, government and so on.

Obedience is conditioned by rewarding those who conform and punishing those who rebel. For example, schools call out and shame children who ‘don’t play well with others’, who ‘voice strong opinions’, who are ‘disruptive’ and so on. If they don’t conform and fit into the narrow ‘box’ that the authorities dictate they should, then they are increasingly marginalised.

The underlying message being that if you do not conform to the rules that the authority decides, then you are a troublemaker. But if you do conform, then you are a good, responsible person. Hence, as social beings who naturally want to fit in and have the approval of others, we end up conforming.

This early childhood conditioning forms such a concrete like subconscious belief to obey authority, that the idea of even questioning or challenging authority is extremely uncomfortable to many people.  

And so throughout adulthood we go around with this belief that we must obey authority and be politically correct.

Blindly obeying authority is immoral

Was it moral for kings and queens to state laws and punish those who didn’t abide?

Of course it wasn’t.

There’s no difference now other than replacing the kings and queens with governments.

Making the choice to trust authority is promoted by authorities like the government, media, schools, universities, doctors etc.

This insults you as a human being capable of informing and thinking for yourself. If you trust them then you don’t have to check the information they state for yourself. 

This leads to ignorance. Blindly believing what someone says because they are an ‘authority’ is dangerous.

And if you trust them, what is stopping them from abusing that trust?

The safety of the people has always been the alibi of tyrants.

Albert Camus

We have a plague of virtuous people taking the moral high ground because they conform and follow the rules.

But how can you be a moral person, and still believe in the absolute authority of the government and authorities to dictate everything we do?

What sort of mentality allows the government to dictate when you can see and hug family members?

Believing in their absolute authority is believing in absolute oppression.

Applied psychology without your consent

But due to the conditioning and how dumbed down we are, we continue to have this immoral belief. This is why, as Byung-Chul Han points out in psychopolitics, the oppressed are today more inclined towards depression than revolution.

If they can control your mind through applied psychology in the media and mainstream culture, they do not need to control your body through force.

The government even has documents stating they want to change people’s behaviour without them even realising it. A paper titled ‘Mindspace: Influencing behaviour through public policy’ states that;

“In order to be effective behavioural effects depend at least partly on automatic influences on behaviour. This means that citizens may not fully realise that their behaviour is being changed – or, at least, how it is being changed.”

This is applied psychology being used on people without them even knowing it. The outcome being that your behaviour will automatically comply with what the government dictates without you realising you have been manipulated to do so.

We are now at that moment in time.

How do they know what’s right for you?

Let me help you or you will drown, said the monkey to the fish.

Alan Watts

How do authorities know what’s right for you? How does anyone know what is right for you? How do you even know what’s right for you? 

What’s right in one person’s mind is completely wrong in another person’s mind.

You can inform yourself and have qualified people with integrity inform you, but no one should ever shame, guilt or use applied psychology (like what the government does to you) to get you to do something they want you to do.

Only you know what is right for you and only you can inform yourself and decide. 

Trust yourself and natural law

There is no authority. The only laws are universal laws of nature. These are not dictated from other humans, not from the government. Any claim that you must do as the government says is ownership of you as a slave.

So view everything with a critical mind, use primary sources, open your mind to views that may be uncomfortable to your mind. 

But above all, take time to pull your energy away from mainstream culture. Listen to your intuition. Think for yourself to make up your own mind.

Apply the logic of natural law that as long as you do no actual harm to others, you are free to do as you please.

Reject authority, trust yourself.

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