A toxic planet: how to limit our exposure to dangerous toxins

Before we begin, take a moment to breathe. Place your hand over your chest area, near your heart. Breathe long but light breaths from the belly for about a minute. This automatically resets your body into a relaxing state i.e. parasympathetic nervous system. See here to read why this is so incredibly important.

A toxic world for human health

An often under reported issue is how environmental toxins are impacting human health. Environmental toxins are the leading cause of premature death, accounting for up to 15%

From the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, and the products we use to cook and clean with; our bodies are polluted by hundreds of chemicals that are not supposed to be there. Human activity produces 250 billion tonnes of chemicals every year. This is causing cancer, reproductive problems and respiratory illnesses as well as general fatigue and low energy.

In Slow Death by Rubber Duck, Rick Smith & Bruce Lourie stated that;

“Even the most clean living among us are polluted. Newborn babies are being born with over 200 chemicals already flowing through their bloodstream: heavy metals, perfluorinated compounds (PFCs), phthalates, the list goes on and on”.

Slow Death by Rubber Duck

The two authors ran experiments to test their blood for dangerous chemicals. They tested things from canned food to antibacterial soap to plastic baby toys i.e. Rubber Ducks!

They realised that pollution has changed dramatically in the past few decades:

  1. Pollution is global rather than local
  2. It’s moved from being highly visible to being invisible
  3. In many cases, its effects are now chronic and long-term, rather than acute and immediate.

An existential threat

Most of these toxins have never been tested to see how they affect us. But we are starting to see the impacts now. 

According to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, the main danger comes from aluminum, which can be in the food, drinking water, vaccines and even the air we breathe. Scientific studies have exposed aluminium as almost certainly contributing to alzheimers and even to the decline in bee populations. Worryingly, the official response to these findings is to shut down all research and suppress and censor anything that exposes the toxicity of aluminium!

Children’s health is also especially a major concern with chemicals of high concern found in thousands of children’s products. Children are uniquely vulnerable given their hand to mouth tendencies and obviously under developed bodies and brains makes them much more susceptible.

Perhaps even more worrying is that there are alarmingly low sperm and testosterone levels in men. Chemicals in our environment and lifestyle factors have meant that sperm counts among men in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand declined more than 59% from 1973 to 2011. By 2045 at least half of all men will be infertile and the rest will have very low fertility…

Radio silence from so called ‘authorities’

Given the aforementioned severe health and existential threats, you would think this would be being talked about just a wee, tincy, tiny bit more!?

You know, so called ‘experts’, ‘doctors’, ‘scientists’ and ‘politicians’ who say they have our best interests at heart highlighting and campaigning that we need to avoid certain chemicals and toxins and men need to increase their testosterone to keep the human race alive???

In a normal society, they would.

But in the inverted, upside down Orwellian society that we now clearly live in to anyone with their eyes open, the only issues the mainstream tells us to focus on are how many new cases of covid flu there are.

This is because the mainstream institutions and authorities represent those with power and money.

What do people with power and money want more of? More power and money.

A society of weak people, especially men who don’t stand up for themselves, is a society that can easily be controlled by the powers that be. Hence, they get more power and control. So it would be in their interests to have a society full of weak people and weak men.

Exposing these issues to the wider public would also impact the bottom line of many corporations. And we can’t have human life being placed above the profits of corporations! And so the public are distracted with fake news and meaningless trivia.

Practical ways to avoid toxins in everyday life

How do you maintain a good level of health in a world that has become toxic and incompatible with life as a whole? 

The reality is you have to go out of your way to be healthy. But there are solutions and implementing them can also give you a sense of empowerment that YOU are taking charge of you and your families health.

Here are some practical ways to avoid and limit your exposure to common toxins;

1. Avoid aluminium laden deodorants, personal care products with chemicals or with “fragrance” or “parfum” listed as an ingredient. Choose natural products with the simplest ingredient list or make your own

2. Make your own natural air fresheners and cleaning products from baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice and essential oils

3. Get rid of nonstick and aluminium pans and use stainless steel or cast iron for cooking instead

4. Get a shower curtain and buy clothes made from natural fibers like wool, cotton, bamboo and hemp

5. Use fluoride free toothpaste or make your own with baking soda

6. Vacuum, dust and ventilate your home regularly

7. Eat local, whole organic food or grow your own – avoid or limit processed food

8. Always buy the dirty dozen fruits and vegetables organic. Always buy organic oats if you eat them regularly (oats contain highest amount of glyphosate – a highly dangerous pesticide known to cause cancer)

9. Use BPA free or glass food containers and water bottle

10. Buy BPA free canned foods 

11. Avoid plastic containers and never microwave plastic

12. Drink filtered water – Berkey water filters are the best

13. Use plants in your home to act as air purifiers i.e. spider plant, aloe vera etc

14. Spend time away from wi-fi and technology – we are born with a functional detox system to flush out toxins but wi-fi disables many of the detox enzymes

15. Flush out heavy metals – silica has been shown to help especially for aluminium as well as algae like chlorella and of course eating quality detoxing foods such as parsley and other fresh herbs and vegetables

Raise awareness and start small

Start by doing one good thing today. Choose the easiest tip for you from the list above and implement it. Most people won’t do anything. Don’t be one of those people. You are only cheating yourself.

My call to action would be to make others aware. It would NOT be possible for society to be such a toxic environment without the passive conformity and ignorance of the majority of people. Don’t live in ignorance, because in this case it really is not bliss.

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