How divide and conquer is being used to control us

Divide and conquer was a maxim the renowned military strategist and philosopher Sun Tzu stated in 500 B.C. and in the Art of War. He states that;

The supreme art of war is to divide and subdue the enemy without even fighting.

Sun Tzu – The Art of War

Right now, society is deliberately being divided. You’re either an obedient and responsible slave person who does what you are told; or you are a selfish, anti-vaxxer, anti-lockdown conspiracy theorist.

This incredibly sharp division that’s emerging between those who conform to the new behaviors that are being asked of us, and those who question them, see their evil and do not conform to them, is creating extraordinary polarisation in society.

It’s a classic “divide and conquer” strategy that would make Hitler proud. 

And this has been happening forever without us even realising it.

Skin color, class, income, religion, left or right, man or woman, young and old… There are many narratives forced upon us that seek to intentionally divide and separate us from one another, so that we are distracted from the many more things that unite us.

Who is holding the divider to account?

But what about the people who are promoting this division? A.k.a the government and the media and the people they represent.

Why don’t we start questioning them? For example, with their manipulated statistics and deliberate fear mongering where they have stated they need to use hard hitting emotional messages to ramp up fear in the UK public?

A real pandemic would not need to manipulate statistics to inflate the numbers and create emotional hard hitting stories to brainwash you into a state of fear to believe it’s worse than what it is.

And yet many are buying this and shaming anyone who dares to question or stand up against the divider, thinking they are not on their side because they don’t conform to rules. There is NO side. It’s only humanity vs the 0.1% banking and corporate rulers at the top of the pyramid.

As long as the powers that be i.e. those that control the money, have us fighting against each other, we will never see them as the true oppressor and our true enemy.

Because this is a war. A psychological war on human minds and consciousness where bullets don’t have to be fired because people can be manipulated into following orders against their best interests.

Such an insidious power makes people complacent – as they mistakenly believe that they are in control of their mind and perception of reality. And they are acting based on that perception that’s created from the supposedly independent information they receive.

But divide and conquer works much more effectively when the divider is out of sight.

Out of sight, out of mind.

And not many will see that we are being divided and manipulated, and so the 0.1% will conquer.

The new normal is the new abnormal

If you think that if you just obey and things will get back to normal, then you need to take a reality pill. 

Their new normal is not normal at all.

Things aren’t ever supposed to go back to any kind of normal – face mask wearing is forever, so is continuous yearly doses of unsafe injections, more lockdowns and more made up variants of concern to falsely justify all of this tyranny – just like the Indian variant which the Indian Government have now demanded to remove these media claims because they are false.

By complying we continue to surrender inalienable human rights and freedoms to move towards an unthinkable dystopia that is now almost upon us.

By complying you are obediently accepting fascism.

Being passive and not doing anything is also compliance. They see your passivity as acceptance.

But actively not complying is their greatest fear.

It helps to know the game you’re playing. The same game played throughout all of history.

Divide and conquer.

But you don’t have to play it.

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