Climate change or climate engineering?

Are you noticing anything strange with the weather?

Random hail, unseasonable temperatures, weeks of rain turning into weeks of drought, a winter sun that feels as hot as summer.

Natural weather cycles could be the reason why.

Or man-made climate change could be the reason why.

Or a combination of both.

But what about the elephant in the room: climate engineering i.e. the ability to manipulate and control the weather by design?

This is something that is never really talked about and if it is, it is quickly dismissed as ‘conspiracy theory’.

This is despite the fact that, back in 1952 an experiment in artificial rainmaking caused a disastrous flood in Devon, which the government had previously denied but unearthed official documents proved that it occured. However, a full investigation never occured and it all got forgotten about. Then there was E-coli  and cadmium sulfide sprayed on the UK population in the 1960s and 70s, which again the government denied and dismissed any links to health risks.

Also, there was Project Cirrus which manipulated the direction of a hurricane and Operation Popeye in the Vietnam war involved cloud seeding to artificially stimulate precipitation, like rain and snow, effectively utilising the weather as a weapon of war.

And this is to name but a few of those projects that came into the public domain decades ago. With the modern advancements of science and technology, what do you think the powers that be are capable of now?

The elephant in the room: climate engineering

It is clear that climate engineering is going on today. More and more planes are leaving trails that don’t dissipate, forming a constant haze in the sky and on the horizon. To learn more about current climate engineering I suggest you watch the Dimming documentary.

As the Dimming showed, high levels of toxic chemicals like aluminium were found in the air after climate engineering operations. The impact of this is an existential threat to all life on earth.

Bees have been found to have Alzheimers and very high levels of aluminium, contributing to the decline of bee populations.

If there aren’t any bees to pollinate our crops, there will be no humans.

One of the world’s top Geoengineers has even admitted to the dangers of spraying aluminium on camera.

Moreover, aluminium is a significant contributor to dementia, alzheimers and other autoimmune diseases

I find it strange how none of this is seen as a contributing factor to climate change? Surely spraying toxic chemicals in the sky affects the weather and our climate?

We are told climate change is all our fault. It’s all down to our lifestyles. We have to change. Yet, the government and people who say this continue to live lavishly without a care for their carbon footprint. All the while they are ravaging the earth’s life support systems and creating a toxic prison planet.

The inversion of the truth and hypocrisy is off the charts.

Climate engineering can cause hurricanes, droughts, rain, wildfires and they can even manipulate the ozone layer to cool down the earth! And that’s exactly what one of the world’s richest men, Bill Gates, wants to do – dim the sun through solar radiation management. Essentially, this means spraying more chemicals into the atmosphere to cause global cooling rather than global warming…it’s nothing short of ecocide. 

With this type of control over the weather, the powers that shouldn’t be have the ability to do almost whatever they please in order to carry out their agendas. Whether that is to cause food shortages to control the food supply or cause ‘natural’ disasters.

Nothing to see here

This doesn’t get any attention in the media. 

It’s all just conspiracy theory. Any evidence that doesn’t fit the official narrative is demonised. 

Environmentalists don’t talk about this issue. It’s not politically correct to do so and they need to protect their salaries and funding sources in order to survive.

And so we carry on living in denial.

But the animals like the bees with Alzheimers don’t have a voice. If we don’t stand up for them there won’t be any animals left. Wild animals are statistically set to be wiped out by 2026.

So if you don’t want to carry on living in denial, then every conversation you have about the environment and public health has to take into account the climate engineering that is already happening. 

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