Wake up to the sick irony of covid health policy

A sick paradox

Public health now consists of wearing masks, social distancing, staying indoors under house arrest, acting like you have a deadly virus even though you don’t have any symptoms, watching news propaganda that keeps you in an unhealthy state of fear, sacrificing living your life for the ‘greater good’ and taking emergency authorised injections and being used as a guinea pig.

Why aren’t we promoting healthy lifestyles? 

Things like nutrition, vitamins C, D3 and Zinc which are all scientifically proven to significantly boost your immunity from a virus, being outside in nature, mindfulness to relax, movement/exercise, human connection and having meaning and purpose?

There is no mention of looking after your physical, mental and spiritual health.

There is no talk of social isolation. We know that social isolation heightens health risks as much as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Now we have suddenly stopped talking about it, and started acting as if it’s good for us to be isolated. 

The government says you must act like you’ve got it. But acting like you’ve got it is the worst health advice, for the mind is our most powerful tool. You are what you think and believe. All this is going to do is make healthy people start to believe that they are sick, increase people’s anxiety and scare people into isolation and physical inactivity. Even the government adverts promoting this have had to be removed for false and misleading information

Isn’t it ironic that the government claims that they are cracking down on false and misleading information, yet they themselves are the biggest perpetrators of false and misleading information?

The sick paradox is that the health advice they are advocating is likely going to make us all unhealthy and lower our immunity, making us more susceptible to sickness. 

Even more importantly in my opinion, is that all these measures are inhuman. It’s simply not how humans are meant to be. It’s dehumanising.

But the worrying thing is that many seem to believe it is necessary due to the endless propaganda and a forced shift in one’s responsibility – where people are hypnotised and coerced into acting against their personal interest for the alleged good of others. But the sick, grotesque paradox is that people have also been made to feel repulsive to each other, afraid that the next person is an asymptomatic carrier of a deadly plague. So people actively avoid you and don’t acknowledge your existence. 

Irony of government propaganda

Stay at home 

Staying at home means a lack of vitamin D and daylight as well as scaring people into a state of fear and isolation. 

Staying at home really means being under house arrest. We are imprisoned for the despicable crime of breathing. Peer reviewed science shows with an overwhelming amount of evidence that lockdowns don’t work.

Moreover, many more people are dying at home and being refused treatment as shown in official Office for National Statistics (ONS) data. Staying at home all the time is not healthy.

Save lives  

Amnesty international reported that government policy abandoned older people living in care homes to die. UK government decisions and failures resulted in violations of the human rights of people living in care homes. From discharging 25,000 patients, including those infected, into care homes; to denying care home residents admission to hospital and imposing “do not attempt resuscitation” orders on them without due process, to failing to provide PPE (personal protective equipment) and testing to care homes.

Not to mention all those who have been refused treatment for more serious diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

Plus the overwhelming evidence that lockdowns kill more people than they save.

So we have a government saying they want to save lives, that we must obey their rules to save lives and we are selfish if we don’t, yet simultaneously they are deliberately implementing policies that indirectly kill people!

If we truly wanted to save people, we would start by saving all the people starving in the world (including many in the UK). Saving all the children that die every day of bacterial infections and diseases that are easily treatable and avoidable by clean water and proper nutrition.

The powers that be have spent millions on propaganda as evidenced above but are quite content to let 3.1 million children die of malnutrition and hunger every year

Never forget that when they claim their fascist policies are being implemented to save lives and are for our protection.

Protect NHS 

The best way to prevent overwhelming the NHS is to educate people about healthy lifestyles as outlined above, so they will never need the NHS except perhaps when they are elderly. Yet the government approved over £216 million of your money on instilling their propaganda and has spent nothing on advising you how to build healthy habits into your routine.

The very same people preaching to you to follow the rules to save the NHS have been deliberately dismantling it by deliberately reducing the number of beds available just before covid and privatising it so it’s not even a public health service anymore.

The government also gave out £18 billion of your tax money to their mates in PPE contracts without any due diligence.

Yet there have been hundreds of starving homeless people queuing up to get soup in freezing conditions.

They don’t pour the same money into things that really matter such as mental health, biodiversity loss, poverty and homelessness. 

A fraction of what they have spent on covid propaganda could go a long way to solve all these issues, yet it took a footballer to shame the government so much that they were forced to finally spend a few pennies to feed the children some scraps.

And all this suffering for what?

Some who have been hypnotised by the media and propaganda might claim this is all necessary because of covid. But even the government themselves classed covid-19 as a non serious disease back in 2020. The average age death is also 82, above life expectancy.

Plus an ONS freedom of information request has admitted only 9400 died of covid without any other underlying health issues between July 2020 and February 2021.

Every death is a tragedy, but covid really isn’t as bad as they are claiming it is.

It’s not me saying all this. This is the government’s own official statistics! Their own statistics betray their words and policies.

Take responsibility for your own health

It’s clear that this is not a proper response to a flu like illness. This is not just incompetence on behalf of the government. It’s deliberate, criminal, calculated corruption and fascism.

Those who are shutting down our economy and promoting all this haven’t missed a paycheck since Lockdown began. We are not in this together. 

Celebrities aren’t here to help. Royal family isn’t here to help. Politicians aren’t here to help.

Remember they can only carry on doing this with the conformity and passive acceptance of much of the population.

But to not conform takes courage. 

It goes against our indoctrination after years of dumbing down at schools where we are taught ‘what’ to think, ‘who’ to obey rather than ‘how’ to think and how to question everything. 

But the reality is that the only person who can help you, is you. 

Keeping your body and mind in good health is the best way to beat a virus. Following the government rules will make you become like an unused car rusting away in a garage because you are avoiding being human – you are going against your own nature.

You need to take care of yourself and do what you want to do, go out, see friends, see family, go for a walk or a cycle and enjoy this beautiful world.

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