The Natural Reset is a 12-week, personalised and holistic coaching programme where we work together to bring to reality your health and fitness intentions.

In practice, it will cover all aspects of health such as movement, food, toxins and sleep.

Through a supportive, non-judgemental experience, we work together to co-create your health and fitness roadmap.

How does it work?

Step 1 – Awareness

  • Comprehensive lifestyle audit
  • Movement screen and postural analysis
  • Food journal and toxin awareness
  • Normal (conditioned) vs Natural

Step 2 – Reconnecting

  • 60 minute weekly coaching sessions
  • Personalised movement programme
  • Personalised lifestyle coaching
  • Personalised homework

Step 3 – Support

  • Open, non-judgemental support and guidance
  • Weekly check-ins via phone/email for accountability
  • Regular reviews to monitor progress
  • Additional tips and resources tailored to you

What results will you achieve?

  • Improved strength and freedom from stiffness, aches and pains
  • All-day energy and sleep like a baby at night
  • Inner sense of self-worth and fulfillment
  • Become a role model to those around you by committing to a healthy lifestyle

Who is it for?

Please note, this is not a ‘get fit quick’ programme. This is a get fit permanently programme 🙂

Yes – it’s for youNo – not for you
Frustrated with conventional ways. Wonders if there’s a better wayComplete faith in conventional ways
You want a holistic, long lasting and natural approachSeek quick fixes/one size fits all/overnight results
Want to be mind-body healthy without subscribing to social media body image idealsOnly interested in looking like a front page model
You deeply value health and nature Material wealth is more important than health
Willing to be honest and take personal responsibilityWant someone else to do the work or just tell you what to do

Investment in the Natural Reset is £1200. After the initial 12 weeks, you’re welcome to continue your sessions for as long as you like, as many of my clients do.

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