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It is no measure of health, to be well adjusted to a sick society.


Hi, I’m Chris. Obsessed with (crunchy!) peanut butter, mountains and rock music! Read my story here.

How many of our problems are just a result of living in a backwards society that we have not evolved to live in?

Things like a toxic natural environment, sedentary lifestyles, consumerism, technology replacing human connection and a disconnection from nature make us so weak, dumbed down and sick that we are barely able to survive, let alone thrive.

How much of this is exacerbated by stressors that we are constantly bombarded with from 24/7 mass media propaganda and advertising claiming that if you don’t conform or can’t keep up, YOU are the problem?

This all has a significant toll on our minds, bodies and souls. And yet, it is all seen as normal.

Anyone who thinks that this is just the result of a normal evolution process is clearly out of their mind.

But how can you respond to this sad reality? 

You can take responsibility for your health; become aware of how modern society makes us sick, whilst simultaneously finding solutions to redirect your energy to a healthier path.

We can start doing this by reconnecting with nature.

If you want proof of how terrible the world is, watch the news and a politician’s lies or go on social media.

But if you want proof of how incredible the world is, go out into nature and realise its healing power.

Unlike the fake modern society and the corrupt powers that run it, nature has no desire or incentive to make you unhealthy or make you feel fear and shame.

Moving and connecting with nature makes you feel alive and healthy. Nature is the foundation for reclaiming our health.

Health and fitness coaching

My coaching philosophy is based on 3 core concepts;

  1. Self Development. Healthy self image is the key to a good life. Through self reflection and becoming aware of how modern society impacts your health, you can become more self aware and develop healthy habits that work for you.
  2. Training. Movement is medicine. Through a comprehensive natural movement programme tailored to your aspirations, you can get the most results from the least amount of time and have a strong and pain free body.
  3. Environment. Learn how to connect with nature and reduce or offset your exposure to environmental toxins that are often hidden but a major cause of ill health.

The focus is on breaking down the steps to create a roadmap to get you where you want to go. This isn’t a get fit quick programme, it’s a get fit permanently programme!

So if you want to..

😊 Develop a healthier self image with healthy habits that work for you

🏋️ Develop and maintain a strong and pain free body

🌲 Reconnect with nature and live a less toxic lifestyle

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