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I help hikers and outdoor lovers get pain-free and confident to conquer any adventure.

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Dream of going on an epic hiking adventure but injuries, fitness or confidence holding you back?


Hi, I’m Chris. Obsessed with peanut butter, mountains and rock music! Read my story here.

Evolve Your Health provides hiking specific training for those who dream of adventure but struggle with injuries or knowing how to mentally and physically prepare. 

In a society where being sedentary and disconnected from nature is the social norm, my purpose is to inspire and help give you the best possible chance of having a safe, enjoyable and ultimately successful outdoor adventure!

Evolve Your Health was created on the belief of the transformative power of the outdoors. In order to grow and evolve, we need adventure and we need to be connected to nature.

Because I am a keen hiker and mountaineer myself, I understand the challenges and needs of hikers and adventurers. I use my knowledge and experience of natural movement and fitness coaching with my hiking and travel experience to tailor a program to fit your needs and aspirations.

This specialised programme for hikers is based on 3 core concepts;

1.Self Development. Develop healthy habits and mindfulness for the mountains to give you the purpose and confidence to conquer any adventure.

2.Training. Comprehensive hiking fitness programme tailored to your needs and aspirations. This can be completed from home and is delivered via an online training portal for a flexible approach so you get the most results from the least amount of time.

3.Experience. Develop your skills to help you enjoy the mountains from route planning to photography to nutrition on the trail.

And if you are thinking, “What if I am a complete beginner to hiking?” or “Will this benefit me if I’m already injured?” or anything else..

Don’t worry – my coaching and programming is client centered to meet you where you are as an individual. The focus is on breaking down the steps to create a roadmap to get you where you want to go. This isn’t a get fit quick programme, it’s a get fit permanently programme!

So if you want to..

🏋️ Develop and maintain a stronger, fitter and less injury prone body to climb mountains with ease

⛰️ Develop hiking skills to know you’re ready to enjoy whatever adventure lies ahead

🌲 Live a healthy and mindful lifestyle in connection with nature

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