Reclaim your physical freedom and vitality.


Struggle with aches, pains and ‘motivation’ to exercise?


Overwhelmed navigating life in an upside-down, unnatural world?


Hard to break free from unhealthy habits?


These things can make us feel powerless.

Hi, I’m Chris. I love (crunchy!) peanut butter, mountains and rock music.

The power is in your hands…

Conventional, mainstream health and fitness advice and routines assume that we are broken and need to be fixed.

But the reality is that much of how we live is so out of alignment with how we have evolved to live and who we truly are, that it’s natural for us to be struggling.

However, it’s important to know that your mind and body are an incredible, complete structure capable of full health and vitality in its natural state.

But cultivating this natural inner power in the upside-down, unnatural world that we live in is hard.

That’s why rather than focus almost exclusively on exercise like ‘conventional’ personal training, my approach is holistic to take account of your mind-body and soul to help you actualise your inner power.

Natural Health and Movement Coaching

The coaching process will build your physical fitness and natural vitality, so that you can live with more physical freedom, energy and self-sufficiency when it comes to your health and fitness.

Natural movement practices a wide range of movements that we humans have evolved to do, including; ground movement such as crawling and getting up from the floor, jumping, lifting and carrying and climbing. Using a combination of body weight movements, strength training and mobility we work on reclaiming your physical freedom.

We will also work on forming naturally healthy lifestyle habits, such as developing inner peace and a healthy mindset, nutrition and reducing exposure to toxins and radiation. This will help give you the natural strength and vitality you deserve.

Learn more about my coaching programme here.

Who is this for?


Yes – it’s for you No – not for you
  • Frustrated with conventional ways. Wonders if there’s a better way
  • Blind faith in ‘experts’ and conventional ways
  • You want a holistic and natural approach
  • Seek quick fixes/one size fits all/overnight results
  • Want to be healthy and look good without subscribing to social media body image ideals
  • Overly interested in looking like a front page model at all costs
  • You value health, truth, self-sufficiency, growth and nature
  • Money is more important than health
  • Willing to invest a few hours a week to have more energy, health and joy in life
  • Want someone else to do the work and just tell you what to do
  • Want long lasting results to be resilient for the future mentally, spiritually and physically
  • Unwilling to learn and be open minded

So if you want to…

  • Reclaim your physical freedom to live in a more youthful body
  • Take back your energy and vitality during the day and sleep like a baby at night
  • Improved strength and confidence in yourself and your body
  • Become a role model to those around you by committing to a healthy lifestyle

Book in a free consultation to see how I can help you.