I help men in midlife and beyond maximise their energy, so that they feel like the best version of themselves.


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Are you living the life you want?


Or do you feel tired, unfocused and physically weak?


The power is in your hands…

Our mind-body is our most valuable possession.

Yet much of how we are conditioned to live, is out of alignment with how men have evolved to live. Things like negative thoughts/beliefs, low energy and poor fitness are often natural responses to this misalignment.

The good news is that the power to change is in your hands. We are an incredibly complete system, capable of full health and vitality in our natural state.

The difficult part is implementing change, in a world that insidiously conditions us to live against our biology.

With natural health and movement coaching (in-person or online) in and around Dartmoor, we will work together to reconnect you with your natural power.

If you are frustrated with conventional ways, ready and committed to invest in your health, we will take a holistic mind-body approach to bring to reality the energy and vitality you deserve.

Learn more about my core offering, The Natural Reset, here.

Hi, I’m Chris. I love (crunchy!) peanut butter, mountains and rugby.