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I empower professionals to maximise their energy to thrive with nature inspired health habits that add to their life, not get in the way of it.

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What would you do with more energy?

Hi, I’m Chris. Obsessed with peanut butter, mountains and rock music! Read my story here.

Modern social norms remove the natural ways we have evolved to live.

We sit down all day.

We eat ‘food’ that is mostly industrial junk devoid of nutrition.

We connect more with screens than with ourselves and nature.

The result?

Low energy and a lack of motivation and purpose.

What’s more, you assume that this result is your fault. It’s because you are lazy or lack the willpower to change or some other crap.

But the reality is that being healthy and energised in today’s society is like trying to climb Everest in a snowstorm.

You really aren’t lazy and unmotivated. Feeling low is a natural response to modern social norms we’ve become accustomed to.

What you need is help that makes sense in the context of your life.

A balanced approach based on simple lifestyle habits that can fit into your routine and add to your life. That’s where Evolve Your Health comes in.

This evolutionary approach to health and fitness coaching is based on 3 core principles;

1. Self Development: change starts from within.

Often we don’t live the life we want because of our mindset and subconscious limiting beliefs. This disconnection with ourselves permeates into everything we suffer from. Removing the noise and distraction to focus on yourself such as through meditation or journalling allows you to increase your self awareness and start thriving on your terms.

2. Nature: a healthy planet nurtures a healthy you.

The decline in human health and nature are inextricably linked. When we protect and connect with nature, from hiking in the forest to eating foods grown in the ground, we connect with ourselves and have nature’s energy to thrive.

3. Movement: movement is life.

Physical inactivity is dangerous. Movement is a biological human need that gives us energy, a multitude of mental and physical health benefits and can fit into your busy routine rather than a chore that relies on willpower.

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So if you want to..

✔️ Maximise your energy to thrive as the best version of yourself

✔️ Make lasting healthy lifestyle changes 

✔️ Connect with and live in harmony with nature

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